The Farm Opens Today!


PSA: The Farm goes public today, the 23rd of July 2017, at exactly 1pm Eastern Time, 10am Pacific time. 

The Destiny 2 Beta is currently live for all PS4 and Xbox One players across the world. With the public beta having been released, people all over the planet are logging in to get a taste of the action. Today, the 23rd of July is the last day of the Beta. Bungie is hard at work stress-testing their servers to make sure that when launch day does roll around in September, the number of Moose and Termite errors will be few and far between.

To further test their capabilities, the creators of Destiny 2 are opening up the brand-new social space, The Farm, to the public for the first time.

What is the Farm?

The Farm is purportedly the hideout our Guardians flee to with the Cabal hot on their heels. Rumored to have chickens by the millions, this Destiny 2 social space is bound to be one of the best we've seen in a Destiny game to date.

What Does the New Destiny 2 Social Space Look Like?

In a recent IGN First video, the team explored The Farm to give players a teaser of what the new social space in Destiny 2 will look like. The main features of the space are listed below:

  • The new Cryptarch is Tyra Karn, formerly of the Iron Temple in Destiny 1
Screenshot (57).png
  • The new Postmaster is Darbi 55-30
Screenshot (53).png
  • The Destiny 2 social space can hold up to 26 players

Screenshot (64).png

  • A fully scored soccer (football to the rest of the world) pitch

Additional Details About the Destiny 2 Social Space

The IGN First video is a definite must-watch for the sheer quantity of visual information it provides. In addition to the details above, the Farm will also supposedly feature a dynamic environment, with vendors appearing over time or after certain events have occurred in the game.

If you're an avid Destiny player, or you're simply looking for something fun to do this weekend, be sure to pick up the Destiny 2 Open Beta on PS4 or Xbox One. If you're on PC, stay tuned for an update!

Eyes up, Guardians. See you out there.


All images sourced from IGN on YouTube

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