Destiny 2 API to be Released on August 23rd

Do you use applications like DIM and Ishtar Commander to make your Destiny experience even better? There has been a lot of discussion lately as to the future of these third-party item managers for Destiny 2. The good news is that the Destiny 2 API will be released to the public well ahead of launch day, which means the heroes developing these managers should easily be able to begin the long and arduous task of bringing DIM and other managers to the new game.

Destiny 2 and Beyond: What is the API?

The API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols and a lot of code (most of which is as familiar to us laymen as the concept of love is to the Vex) that allows Bungie’s inventory management to be accessible to the public. In Destiny, developers used the API to link their own apps to the inventory within the game, allowing Guardians across the world to manage their inventory using their phones and other devices. The best part was the ease with which these modifications could be carried out, especially when compared to the Siege Engine-like Bungie Item Manager.

Destiny Item Manager - Destiny 2 API
Destiny Item Manager Home Screen

According to a post on the official Bungie API Forum:

There’s been a lot of internal discussion going on lately about when we’ll be allowed to share the details of the API. The date is tentatively set at August 23rd, a bit more than a week before the game goes live.

The endpoints won’t be functional until the game itself goes live, but on the 23rd we will be exposing both the endpoints and full documentation of both those endpoints and all related contracts.

Hopefully you all will be pleased with the additional levels of documentation that we’ll be providing. My goal is, at least for the core Destiny services, to document every definition and live contract class and property within those classes. There’s a lot of it, but it’s been a long time coming.

When Can We Expect DIM and IC to Enter Destiny 2?

Let’s be real – these developers are just as hardcore as the rest of us when it comes to blowing up time-traveling machine gods. Ideally, we’d love to see inventory management enter Destiny on September 6th, Launch Day. A good expectation to set (and the nice thing to do, considering these apps are free) is somewhere in October. Give these hardworking heroes the opportunity to enjoy the new game in their own time!

We’re all looking forward to the first week of September. If you’re a developer, August 23rd is the day you get to play around. Eyes up.

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