Huge New Updates Increase Super Rate, Grenade Damage, and More!

According to This Week at Bungie, the PC Beta is ready for launch. Huge new updates have already been rolled out thanks to the information gleaned from the console beta for Destiny 2. Some of these updates are absolutely game-changing! Here is a list of all the new updates to the base game of Destiny 2.

What Updates Have Made it to the Destiny 2 PC Beta and Full Console/PC Game?


One major point in Crucible is that matchmaking for the two modes, Quickplay and Competitive, will be tuned separately.

  1. Quickplay:
    • Time limit for Mercy rule extended
    • Winning score for Control increased from 75 to 100
    • Connection based, speed-prioritized matchmaking
  2. Competitive
    • Skill based matchmaking

Increasing the score for control and the time for the Mercy rule trigger should make it easier to get your Super during a match of Destiny 2 Crucible.

Player Vs. Enemy

  1. Infinite Super Glitch – FIXED
  2. Warlock Glide Glitch (Warlock Skating) – FIXED
  3. Infinite Grenade Glitch – FIXED
  4. Warlock Melee Range – FIXED. All classes and subclasses now have the same base melee range. Perks that increase range will apply where relevant.
  5. Time Taken to Charge Supers– FIXED. The time taken to charge your Destiny 2 subclass super has been reduced globally.
  6. Grenade Damage – FIXED. Grenade damage against AI enemies has been increased.
  7. Power Ammo Drop Rate – FIXED. All yellow bar enemies will guarantee power ammo drops upon death. Additionally, the power ammo drop rate has been increased.

Those are all the updates coming to the game with the PC beta and beyond. Keep reporting bugs and woes you may have as you play, PC players!

Destiny 2 PC Beta Information

There are a few points to note here for those looking for third-party apps to tweak the gameplay experience. In a previous article, we found out that compatibility will be severely reduced.

Here are some new changes that could help:

  • Destiny 2 on PC will have a toggle for an in-game built-in FPS overlay
  • Any third party hardware monitors and performance trackers will run, but with very limited overlay functionality.
  • You can use a configuration file to cap your framerate to your own set maximum fps in Destiny 2 on PC.
  • Streaming apps like OBS and XSplit will still work, but only in supported modes.
  • Communication apps like Discord and Mumble will still work without overlay features.
Destiny 2 PC
Super recharge rate has been increased.

The Last Word: Account Recovery

If you lost your Bungie account due to an error when trying to log into Blizzard, or any other issues during Beta code entry and account migration, stay tuned! Help is on the way. An update with regards to this will become available as soon as more information is available!

These changes are huge. The Destiny 2 PC Beta should be very well-tuned. Keep reporting and stay frosty out there.


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