Destiny 2 Public Events, Nightfalls, Missions, and Other Information

Edge magazine’s recent article covering Destiny 2 went into great detail about the story and other activities within the game. The lucky staff over at Edge had the opportunity to play through the entire campaign of Destiny 2 ahead of time. Their conclusion?

A thrilling experience with a rich and engrossing plot.

According to multiple sources, the campaign of Destiny 2 appears to be far deeper in terms of lore and story than that of vanilla Destiny. While The Taken King definitely improved the plot depth, D1 remains a small disappointment when it comes to story.

Destiny 2 Public Events
Image Source: Bungie

What Else is New in Destiny 2?

So. Much. Content.

With 80+ missions in PVE reported, we will definitely see a huge upgrade from Destiny 1. Insiders say that Bungie at one point had to fix an issue where there was more content than player progression in Destiny 2.

Public Events Can be Manually Activated

Way back in Year 1, we were introduced to Public Events, random events within Destiny that started during patrol and gave players different objectives. In Destiny 2, some (if not all) public events can be activated manually by the player. The activation can be a flag pickup, a switch being activated, or some other trigger. This action also refills your super!

According to Edge, most public activities are locked until the final 3rd of the campaign.

Nightfall Strikes are Timed

Nightfalls now have a time limit, which depends on the Strike being played. This means that you will have to come up with a sound strategy to beat the mission before the timer ends. There is no word yet on whether or not the blue flames from Destiny 1 will be brought forward. The average Nightfall Strike time limit is about 13 minutes.

PVE Has Locked Loadouts

A common theme in other RPGs, certain activities in the Destiny 2 PVE will have loadout locks. When the activity is begun, you will not be able to change your weapons and armor. It’s likely that activities like Lost Sectors on Patrol will have these loadout locks implemented.


Nuke ’em With Energy Weapons

Energy weapons, which are elemental versions of Destiny 2 primary weapons, can quickly deplete enemy shields in the game. While this wasn’t seen in the Beta, which Bungie did say was a few builds old, taking down an elemental shield with an energy weapon will cause the shield to blow up, taking down nearby enemies’ health with it.

Clans Share Rewards

One more reason to join a Destiny 2 Clan – if you’re not online but your clanmates complete a Nightfall or other activity, you will receive a reward box too!

Subclass Buffs and Class-specific Exotics

  • The Gunslinger perk Crowdpleaser now generates 8 large orbs of light, which can completely fill an empty super bar.
  • Another subclass buff is being kept under wraps at the time.
  • Warlocks get a new exotic early in the campaign. Similar to the Empyrean Bellicose, this exotic allows hovering. Kills made in the air with this exotic cause your grenades to recharge faster.


destiny 2 gunslinger

Initial Story Mission Details

According to Edge, you begin the campaign right after Ghaul kicks you off the ship at the end of Homecoming. You awaken without your Ghost in the European Dead Zone (incidentally, Bungie’s biggest ever space). You come across the Farm as you wander around, where you meet Hawthorne, the newest NPC in Destiny 2. You are then shown a Shard of the Traveler which has crashed in the EDZ and must clear the area of enemies.

Final Boss Battle Details

One last detail is that the final boss battle of the campaign is not a bullet sponge (looking at you, Valus Ta’aurc. Instead, it is described as a “shapeshifter”, with mechanics that can quickly overwhelm you if you aren’t careful.

The Magician

Bungie has also told Edge to “ask us later about The Magician”. We have no idea what this is and can only speculate about a new exotic.

That’s all the information we have right now. Look forward to the PC Beta!

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Sources: Reddit, MoreConsole



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