Destiny 2 Preload Available on Consoles Soon!

The big day is fast approaching. Guardians the world over are locking and loading in preparation for two major events: the PC Open Beta and the long-awaited launch of Destiny 2.

In advance of the September 6th release date for PS4 and Xbox One, Bungie has released a statement about the Destiny 2 preload, which will be available for consoles soon.

The Destiny 2 Preload Live for Xbox One!

Starting earlier today, players who placed pre-orders for the digital version of Destiny 2 were able to start preloading the game in advance of the September 6 release. Preloading involves downloading the majority of game data prior to launch to prevent overloading the servers on launch day and to allow a more seamless experience for Guardians to jump right into the action at midnight.

While exact dates and times aren’t available right now, the Bungie Twitter page will be updated as the week goes on with availability. The PlayStation 4 preload will become active on the 31st of August (for whatever reason that is).

At the time of writing, the size of the preload base game on Xbox One is 29.1GB. This is expected – consoles typically require double the size of the game to install an application.

Image (c) IGN

Prepare for the first Patch!

If preloading wasn’t enough, Bungie is also gearing up for a Day 1 Patch for the game. This will also be available for download at some point near the release. Theoretically, the patch will be available on the 3rd or the 4th of September to ensure that all players receive and download it well before the launch.

No details are available regarding the patch information yet. However, Destiny Player Support will be on hand to ensure that patch details and a full changelog is updated on the Bungie site ahead of launch.

As we get ever closer to launch day, we must also remind you that the PC Beta releases in 5 days! If you’re a PC gamer, gear up for an experience that will blow you away in terms of gameplay and, if all goes well, visual quality.

Eyes up, Guardians.

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