Destiny 2 PVP Info: What We Know So Far

The console release of Destiny 2 is right around the corner. As we speak, Guardians the world over are launching flaming swords at each other in the PC beta, which is live right now. Tons of last-minute Destiny 2 info is rolling in, and with the fast pace of the internet, it’s likely you’ve missed out. This article aims to consolidate all that information and break it up based on the area it concerns.


Destiny 2 Info
Titan holding up a barricade in Destiny 2’s PVP mode

What’s Coming?

  • All PVP Modes are now 4v4
    • This effectively increases the impact each death has on the team’s ability to win the match.
  • 5 New Modes (that we currently know of):
    • Trials of the Nine
    • Supremacy
    • Control
    • Countdown
    • Survival
  • 6 New Maps Known (One PS4 exclusive):
    • Midtown
    • Vostok
    • Altar of Flame
    • Endless Vale
    • Javelin-4
    • Retribution (PS4)
  • Server state is P2P with dedicated cloud-based servers
  • Kinetic weapons have higher damage than energy weapons
    • Energy weapons do more damage to enemies in super
  • Control mode changes:
    • Neutralization of enemy flags is gone
    • Only one player needs to be on a flag to capture it – speed of capture is constant
  • Power ammo changes:
    • Can only be picked up by one player
    • Can’t be picked while taking damage
  • Revives can’t be performed while being shot
  • Enemy and friendly supers are displayed at the top of the HUD
  • In “Competitive Mode”, players can’t join matches in progress
  • No private matches or ranked playlists at launch
  • TTK (Time To Kill) is significantly higher
    • This is both a blessing and a curse – you can now take more damage before dying, giving you more time to respond. However, it also means the element of surprise is no longer what it used to be.

The list of PVP changes will grow longer as more information comes out. The Crucible looks like it will be less hectic, with an emphasis on teamwork and strategy as opposed to all-out warfare. This seems to have people on either side of the fence – the slower ability recharge rates and higher time-to-kill have Guardians frustrated. However, it looks like the majority rules in this situation: the reception all the Destiny 2 info rolling out has had has been overwhelmingly warm to date.

Stay tuned for an upcoming update collecting all the PVE-related Destiny 2 info in the second of the What We Know series leading up to the launch.

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