Destiny 2’s PC Anti Cheat Policy Could Ban You for Nothing

If you’ve been avidly playing Destiny 2 on PC since it released last month, I hope you’re having a blast.

As we’ve talked about before, Destiny 2 for PC has an anti-cheating policy that is quite harsh. It cracks down on any software that makes modifications to the game, even if these mods are fps counters.

However, players are now reporting getting banned for no reason on Bungie’s forums. Users are getting kicked out of Nightfalls and Raids and sent to a banhammer screen.


Bungie’s Community Manager, known to players as Cozmo, defended the bans, stating that they were all rightfully made. So, why are players who claim they aren’t cheating getting kicked?

A Cheat Engine Running Could Get You Banned

While a dedicated Destiny 2 PC cheat engine doesn’t exist, there are cheat engines out there for other games. They can change the gameplay and experience for a different game. Many cheat engine programs start when a computer starts up.

If you’re a regular PC player, you probably don’t even notice the program running in the background.

The problem is that Bungie does.

destiny 2 pc anti cheat

Bungie’s Destiny 2 PC anti cheat software scans your computer periodically, indexing currently running programs. If it detects a cheat engine running on your PC, it will result in you being banned.

This was intentional. According to Cozmo, it would be quite easy for someone to create a Destiny 2 PC cheat engine and program it to act like it’s for a different game.

Because of this risk, the game simply has a blanket ban on all cheat engines.

The best way to avoid being banned? Make sure you close any running cheat engines before you start the launcher and launch Destiny 2.

Debugging the Game is Also a Risk

A recent Reddit post about the Destiny 2 PC bans included a reply from Cozmo. Basically, if you’re trying to debug Destiny 2 while it is running, you’re going to have a bad time.

This doesn’t mean that running debugging software like Visual Studio will get you banned. Neither will a kernel debugger. The Destiny 2 PC anti cheat program will only flag you if you’re actually debugging the game itself.

The easiest way to avoid being banned for this is to avoid debugging Destiny 2 until you’ve shut the game down and you’re sure no D2 related processes are running.

The moral of the story? Don’t run cheat engines on PC. Cheating is bad, unless you’re typing in comeflywithme in GTA: Vice City.


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